Friday Update

Playoff Games:

 Date      Event                                                                                                               Game Time:                 

 2/10       Boys Basketball @ Home Vs. Goldendale (Adults $9.00, Students/Seniors $7.00)        6:00 pm

 2/11       Girls Basketball @ Mabton                       6:00 pm

 2/11       Wrestling @ Highland - Boys                                                                               9:30 am

 2/11       Wrestling @ Warden -Girls                                                                                  9:30 am

White Swan High School finished the first semester on January 24th and here is some data to show that students worked hard during the semester. Thank you Teachers and Staff for helping so many students succeed!  This chart shows that 198 students passed all of their classes – Go Cougars!


Leo Diaz, Yakima Sheriff’s Office, gang expert presented at a family night. He provided parents and families with tips to help prevent community gang recruitment. He will also be presenting to the staff to help them be aware of signs of gang affiliation and how they can help students. If you were unable to make the meeting but would like more information please call the High School office and make an appointment to attend the staff meeting.

Twincussions Performance at Harrah-On Thursday February 9, Harrah had the opportunity to have a performance by Twincussions, a Taiwanese percussion duo. They are on a week-long residency in Yakima at the Capitol Theatre. Mrs. Widener reports, “This is a Center Stage program sponsored by the U.S. State Department. This type of performance is usually only available in Seattle or the east coast so I was excited when Dr. Guaglianone asked me if we would like them to visit.” The performance was interactive and students learned a traditional Lion Dance Song.

Harrah Campus celebrated Black History Month this week. Staff taught lessons around famous African Americans in History and shared cultural experiences. Mrs. Larez is helping provide materials and support for this celebration.

Parent Teacher Conferences are being set up and report cards are printed and ready to be given out next week at Harrah Campus Parent Conferences. A big thank you to Danette Hoagland for helping to get the report cards checked and printed. We always look forward to meeting with parents and sharing their child's academic successes. 

Graduation Pathway - Mrs. Tenney and Mrs. Sheppard will be meeting will all of the seniors that are in danger of not graduating on time due to credit deficiency. Their goal is to help students as they work towards graduation. Students are able to make choices about their classes and credit completion lab work. Student ownership is the most important ingredient on the path to graduation.

Spring Sports is coming up and with the help of our golf coach Lonnie Sammaripa, White Swan High School is planning to host a golf invitational. It will be held on April 1st at Cherry Hill golf course in Granger. Coach reports that It will be fun and teams participating will be able to not only golf but also get free food!

Standards Based Grading -White Swan High School is moving to a standards-based grading system. Teachers have participated in training and the staff is on schedule to convert gradebooks over at the beginning of the 2023-24 school year. This is very exciting and will help our students know exactly what they need to learn and demonstrate in each class. This week in our professional learning team time, the teachers worked on getting ready for this important change.

Board Meeting on February 15, 2023 – This is a reminder that the board meeting next week will be a little different because Mrs. Widener, Mrs. Jarnecke, and I will be presenting before the Washington State Board of Education on Wednesday, February 15th.  That said, I will be attending the meeting via ZOOM from Olympia because I will not be able to get back to White Swan soon enough for the Board meeting to attend in person.