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September 25, 2020
Principal Smith wanted to make sure the community knew that the County has to be 
in Phase 2 to begin practice on September 28.  Athletic Director Marcy Sanchez has a schedule ready when the county moves into Phase 2.  
Marcy Sanchez had a community parent meeting for Athletics on Monday of this week.  Approximately 15 parents/guardians attended.  Email addresses for coaches have been posted on social media so athletes/parents can contact coaches and coaches are able to make practice plans.  Cathie Reed and Marcy will be having training for the InTouch program which will assist parents in registering students for athletics.

We have been asked by ESD 105 to provide data on how many devices we still need to support students in virtual learning.  Here is the data that I provided:
Devices needed: For a model where the existing Chromebooks stay at home, we would need about 550 more to ensure every student has one available at school.  (We have 300 on the way). 

Hot spots: We have 26 coming from AT&T and we had 52 families listed as needing one, so that leaves us 31 short.  

Chromebooks for distribution: We have been fixing returned Chromebooks, but we still are only one (1) Chromebook to two (2) students at Harrah for about 1/2 of our students; about 200 more in this category would be helpful.

Chromebook carts: We need about 10 more to have one in every classroom.  

A Community Town Hall Forum was held this week and attended by over 100 people.  The District would like to thank those who attended and shared their ideas about students returning to school face to face.  There were many good suggestions and ideas presented to the Board and administration.  Many of those ideas will be put into place as the District makes plans to resume face to face instruction.  The full Safe-Start to School Plan will be posted on the District Web site soon.  In the meantime, community members are welcome to make suggestions or ask questions via the special email address:

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