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Happy New Year!  Kw’athlani chimti anwikt!  Feliz Año Nuevo!
Welcome back after a long winter break!  This is an exciting start to the year 2020.  Winter sports are off to a great start, our Band program will be planning a spring concert, and all systems are ready to go to bid on our new Harrah Elementary and Mt. Adams Middle School building in Harrah. 
The Mt. Adams School District continues a strong focus on building systems that support literacy development from kindergarten through 12th grade.  You may have heard about the iReady assessment program that the District is using to assess and monitor student progress in reading for all subjects—our students are making strong gains in reading skills.  Please be sure to ask your student's teacher about their iReady Data.  
Harrah Elementary continues to make a strong effort toward improving attendance for all students and staff.  Thanks to Mr. McCracken and his team for helping us to all see how it important it is to be in school five days per week!  The White Swan campus continues to work on creating a safe and positive School Culture.  Mrs. Smith and her staff deeply care about our students and they want to create an environment where students are safe and ready to learn every day!  
I recently read an Arapaho proverb about respect that says, "When we show our respect for other living things, they respond with respect for us."  Our Mt. Adams School District Motto is "Respectful, Responsible, and Safe."  Our District commitment to each and every student and member of our learning community is to do all that we are able to promote a safe and respectful learning environment.  Thank you all for being part of our team toward this important new year's goal.  
Best wishes for a blessed 2020!

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