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November 20, 2020
As of Thursday, November 19, there are 16 instructional days left in 2020.  This is a call to action.  Mr. McCracken has reminded his team of professional educators and all of us, to give these last three weeks their full attention and energy!
This week's attendance at Harrah looks like this:   
• Monday, November 16 (A Group): 105 students (this is only 3 less than the previous      session)/8 without their attestation (*this represents 7% of the students in attendance)
• Tuesday, November 17 (B Group): 99 students (2 less than the previous session)/5 students without their attestation (*this represents 5% of the students in attendance)

At Mt. Adams Middle School, the return of students to the MS building is going well according to Mr. Espindola.  Students are being responsible and following expectations to stay socially distanced and keep masks on. Transitions have been effective with students being escorted to each class and teachers doing an excellent job making sure they are following expectations. When visiting the lunch room on Thursday, every student was sitting in his or her seat, complying with all safety regulations and most were on their cell phones after eating the delicious turkey and gravy lunch.
The White Swan campus was visited by a representative from the Yakima Health District.  Mrs. Smith received positive feedback in regard to our reopening plan and asked them to make minor adjustments for student restroom use. All other measures of the reopening process receive high marks!  YHD will be sending Mrs. Smith and the district a progress report.
Finals week is this week on the White Swan campus.  Teachers are encouraging students to submit assignments on time in order to receive full credit.  Trimester 2 starts on November 30 and students were sent alternative schedules for the week of November 30 to December 4.  They will start their originally planned schedule if they are allowed to return on December 7, as planned.  On Wednesday, I met with YHD COO Ryan Ibach, and four other area superintendents, to seek approval to stay on track with our December opening plans.  We should know shortly and will notify the community when the decision is made.  We are excited for all of the students to return.
Athletic Director Sanchez has checked in with all HS Head coaches.  The following coaches are opting to continue practices OUTSIDE on the football field through December 18 (weather permitting).  If a coach cancels a practice due to weather conditions it is his or her responsibility to notify their athletes of the change.  A weather cancellation needs to be made no later than two (2) hours before a practice so that athletes and parents can make appropriate adjustments.  Students will use the outdoor restrooms and she has given coaches the okay to turn on the Football lights when needed.  It is the coach's responsibility to turn off the lights when practice is over.  The new practice schedule is as follows:
Monday- NO Practice
Tuesday- Boys Basketball @ 4:30
Wednesday- Football @ 5:00, Cross Country @ 3:30
Thursday- Track @ 3:00, Softball & Baseball @ 3:00
*Boys Basketball and Football are the only sports that will be practicing next week. 
The following coaches/sports have made the decision to discontinue practices:  
Volleyball, Cheer, Wrestling, Girls Basketball, Speech & Debate

Based on the WIAA Executive Board, the following changes have been made for this school year.  The five (5) points provided are reported by Athletic Director Sanchez:
1.)  Season 2 has been pushed back to Feb. 1; however, on Feb. 1, IF 50% of our region/classification (which are Districts 5-9) are not able to compete, the sport(s) MAY be pushed to another time/season.  Leagues/Regions will have SOME flexibility and local control to move or stack seasons if necessary.  If seasons are STACKED, the WIAA is still determining whether or not students would be able to participate in multiple sports.  
2.)  Athlete Eligibility:  WIAA has amended that students that have two or more failing grades in a previous grading period will be ineligible for 3 weeks (as opposed to regular 5 week rule).
3.)  Summer 2.0 has been extended to Jan. 23.  *White Swan will stay with our current practice schedule until Dec. 15.  I will be asking for each coach's input on preferences of practices date/times after December 15 (IF state restrictions are eased and practices are allow to resume indoors).
4.)  The WIAA is pushing on the State DOH to make all sports low or moderate risk IF masks are worn during competition and all other safety mandates are in place.  More to come on that! 
5.)  The WIAA is making EVERY effort to NOT cancel any sports/seasons.  A large emphasis will be placed on protecting spring sports as that season was lost last year. 
Specific to teams practicing outside now: 
*ALL sports practicing outside:  MASKS are mandatory for ALL participants, ALL the time (even Cross Country & Track).  
*You can still practice in pods of 6 and will observe all existing safety measures. 

We have been contacted by Pacific Northwest Seismic Network to connect their early earthquake warning system to our network.  The sensor itself will be installed at Job Corps (once approved by the Yakama Nation), but they need an Internet connection to upload their data, which they will reach through a wireless connection on top of the High School.  This connection poses no security threat to our network - we will only be a pass through for the information.  When fully operational, this system will serve our community with early earthquake warnings delivered to phone applications and websites, as well as provide our students with an interesting scientific learning opportunity.

Hot Lunch is back at MASD!
A big shout out to our kitchen staff:  Julie, Tami, and Guillermina (and Mr. Crawford)!    Chad wrote, “I was nearly licking my plate today.”    
On top of the hectic bag lunch program, the team pulled together a VERY delicious Thanksgiving style lunch for both campuses on Thursday for Cohort A students.  Cohort B students will receive the same yummy meal on Friday.   
This meal was completely prepared and cooked in Harrah.  It was transported to White Swan at 9:30 am in our brand new high-efficiency food containers.  All the food was hot and fresh as if it was just pulled out of the oven minutes before being served.    I was able to enjoy my helping of the Turkey and Gravy at 11:30, and it was hot and excellent!”
Mr. Crawford states, “I am very excited the centralized kitchen model is working out”.  This will allow us to offer more variety to our students and potentially even offering a choice of two entrees at some point in the future.  

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