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June 4th, 2021
Mask Wearing at Athletic Events 
Message from WIAA, “Due to continual complaints of participants not following masking guidelines, the WIAA in partnership with WSSAAA, WOA, WIBCA and WSGBCA is authorizing basketball officials to remove participants for improper masking compliance. The Governor’s Office and State Department of Health require masks to be worn over the nose and mouth at all times indoors. If an official sees a mask improperly worn, they have the authority to remove the player until the next dead ball. In an effort to avoid officials having to enforce compliance and disrupt the rhythm of games, we are asking coaches to be role models for their players, and athletic administrators to require compliance of their coaches, players, and spectators.”  “In the past week, we have had more than a dozen requests to use non-certified officials due to a lack of officials. If officials are not feeling safe because of participants not properly wearing masks, there will be more canceled games as a result of the shortage.  Just a few months ago we all pleaded with the Governor’s Office that we would do anything to allow our students to play.  It’s time our actions match our words.”
MASD Continues to Enforce Mask Requirement and Health Attestations
This past week had many in-person activities; it almost seemed normal.  Although the “new normal,” at least for now, includes masks.  The District’s number one goal, even at the tail end of this pandemic, is to keep all members of our community safe.  The Senior Walk at Harrah, Graduation at White Swan, public Board Meetings, Athletic competitions in our White Swan Gym are some examples of times that we request that all members of the community help us to help each other – we are required to wear masks over the nose and mouth.  The MASD Board of directors has established the precedent to follow all WIAA rules at athletic events and all Governor and Yakima Health Department mandates for all other events.  I would like the Board and all members of our community to be sure that administration and staff will model and enforce this process until it is lifted by authorities.  
1000 Point Club – A Special Honor for Mr. Devin Sampson!  

It is an exclusive club with individual chapters, but the sole qualification carries weight and translates. Any high school basketball player who scores 1,000 points in a career is going to be honored and remembered. The figure is attainable and memorable, often a rarity, but always a cherished accomplishment to recall with pride.
The remarkable thing about this 2020-21 high school hoops season is that Mr. Devin Sampson hit the mark even after enduring an injury from an earlier season this year as well as a very short winter sport’s season.  This is quite an accomplishment.  Congratulations Devin!
Seniors at Harrah  
We held our traditional Senior Walk of Fame at Harrah on Thursday Morning.  It was nice to see our seniors greet the elementary students and especially the interaction between siblings – what a motivator for elementary students to have Graduation to look forward to as one of their life goals!  
Congratulations White Swan Class of 2021!

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Harrah Elementary School Named As Recipient Of $5,000 Library Grant

Harrah Elementary School was one of 205 schools from 43 states across the country to receive a $5,000 grant through the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries. The funding will be used to purchase library books that are culturally relevant, engaging, and pertinent to our students' lives.

EBB Program

NEW Program from the FCC will pay for your home Internet Access costs! Click here to see if you qualify.

SB 5395 Comprehensive Sexual Health Education

See this PowerPoint providing information about requirements of Senate Bill 5395 Comprehensive Sexual Health Education. If you have comments or questions, please contact Dana Jarnecke at

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