Friday Update from Dr. Guaglianone

This week in grades 6-8 

The students in grades 6-8 participated in a salmon dissection with the assistance of the Benton County Conservation District. This is part of a collaboration with Benton County who will also be providing our Salmon in the Classroom fish tanks. These fish will be released this Spring into local rivers for the future population of our Pacific Northwest salmon species. 

Shout out to Ms. Sewell for her attention to attendance.  “Students learn when they come to school,” stated Sewell.   Ms. Sewell targeted students who have already missed over 70 days of school this year.  She encouraged these students to attend and participate consistently on a daily basis for seven days in a row.  Then she set another goal of fourteen days. The class-wide celebrations to honor these students’ success were a hit and this creative idea improved classroom culture and climate into a warm and welcoming environment that ensures that all students want to attend!  Kudos to Ms. Sewell for trying this great idea – Bravo!

For the first time this year, the Harrah campus experienced students vaping.  Principal Widener would like to thank the bystander students who reported the vaping. The reporting students were concerned about their fellow classmates.  She wants all students and parents to know that the Harrah Campus participates in the philosophy of "See Something, Say Something," and our students stepped up to the challenge. Parents were contacted and notified of the situation. As part of our restorative discipline practices, the students are going to be participating with the “Student Assistant Specialist” (SAS) to learn about the harmful effects of vaping. All parents were thrilled their students were not going to be suspended, but referred to the SAS for information and knowledge regarding the impacts of vaping. Remember, remind your children, if they “See Something… Say Something!”

The Harrah Campus Professional Learning Teams are about to start their new rounds of reading intervention based on the DIBELS data to zero in on sub-skill weaknesses that the assessment identified.  School Report cards are being finalized this week and will be given out to families during conference time. We look forward to meeting with parents to discuss student progress!

Mr. Hernandez reminds students, “As part of our restorative discipline program and to help students learn to take pride and ownership in our school, when they make a mess in the cafeteria, they stay after to clean the tables with our EA's.” We are taking a special look at our new campus as well and want to remind everyone that litter does not help anyone.  If you drop something, please pick it up to help keep our new campus looking beautiful!

Principal Widener started the Principal Coalition this week.  This week was the first meeting of the “Principal Coalition”. This coalition group will consist of parents, administrators, and counselors and will meet for the purpose of building a strong partnership by the development of a relationship focused on making the Harrah Campus a place where all students feel safe and come to school ready to learn. 

Middle School Wrestling - This week, The Mount Adams Middle School hosted our first Middle School Wrestling Match with multiple teams competing. We held the match at the Parker Gym in White Swan due to our new wrestling mats not arriving. Mr. Manni stated, “We had an amazing turnout and we look forward to holding this event next year in our own Mt. Adams Middle School Gym. Shout to Mr. Manni, our AD for all the effort he did to coordinate and make this event run smoothly. Principal Widener would like to thank the High School Wrestlers for being such great role models for our Middle School Wrestlers and for their help in ensuring the event was a success.