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Southwest Foodservice Excellence benefits MASD beyond GREAT tasting food!

Southwest Foodservice Excellence (SFE) is big on food education right alongside just feeding students for the day.

The video below is a brief example of their "Roving Chef" program.


This is something that we may be doing on our campuses. Also... Please watch the video!  This could be our school!


Healthy eating is essential to good health, and this is something from which both campuses will benefit from... K-6 for good nutrition; 7-12 for healthy skin, life, looks, diabetes prevention, helping their elders, and many other benefits. 


Native club students at White Swan High School are working with Ms. Apodaca to plan and get ready for Spring Feast. This Wednesday, students prepared samples of traditional foods and served out delicious samples. Principal Tenney reports, “It is very exciting to watch our students as they prepare for this exciting event that will take place later in the school year.”


Seniors are already preparing for graduation and their next steps. Ms. Barbosa is working with students and families to complete the FAFSA applications. Principal Tenney reports that their goal is to have 100% of seniors complete the FAFSA by then end of December. Even if students do not plan to attend college at this moment are completing the application that could provide options later. Seniors also met with Jostens this week to place orders for caps and gowns for Graduation!


First quarter is over and the new quarter has begun. The high school has instituted a grade repair policy. If a student failed the first quarter of any class they now have the opportunity to have a contract with their teacher to make up the work that they missed to make sure that their semester grade will appear on their transcript.