Friday Update

Survey of America’s School Leaders and High School Students was conducted online from June 5 through June 23, 2022, among a nationally representative sample of 1,000 Principals and Assistant/Vice Principals in Middle and High school and 1,000 8–12th grade students enrolled in school for the 2021–22 school year. The results of this survey support the need to keep students safe from Cyber Bullying and create a safe environment in general.

Please see the results below:

Meaningful Tribal Consultation and IPP Input from parents took place this week.  Mt. Adams Board of Directors hosted one of the most successful Meaningful Tribal Consultation sessions ever, this past week.  There were five members of the Yakama Tribal Council present as well as the new Tribal Council Chairman, Mr. Gerald Lewis.  We had a very meaningful conversation about attendance, graduation, reading, culture, and language that have opened the door for future conversations and collaboration between Tribal leaders and the School District. The District has not received any additional comments on IPPs since the last round of revisions. 

MASD Athletics – It has been a busy week for athletics.  Volleyball on both campuses, Cougar and Charger football, Cross Country, and our first girls Soccer season is coming to an end.  It has been a multiplicity of sports and a lot of energy and excitement across the District.  We have had many successes and a wonderful time had by all.  Congratulations students and coaches for an excellent Fall sports season.   Mr. Muller reports that the girls’ soccer team has stepped up their playing and the last game they played a very technically sound game. The coaches and team are to be congratulated for the growth the whole team has made. We are very proud of our first-year girls’ soccer team and look forward to spring when our new boys’ soccer team begins competing.

 The first quarter is ending and the second quarter begins on October 28th.  Principal Tenney reports that White Swan High School held their second quarter Wednesday Schedule Interest Fair. “We are very excited to add even more activities for students to choose from this next quarter.” “For example, we will be welcoming Mrs. Peggy Sanchey back to our campus and she will be teaching jam making, with some of the jam being saved to give away at the Spring Feast,” stated Mrs. Tenney.

The pigs will soon be back in the White Swan High School Barn!  Ms. Grooters, our AG teacher, reports that White Swan FFA has kicked off the year with a record number of students wanting to be involved. They have begun the process of purchasing the pigs and soon the barn will be filled with happy little pig activity.

Voter Registration Drive on the White Swan Campus.  Our Current World Problems and Civics teacher, Ms. Kelsey Lavelle, helped organize a voter registration drive. It was very successful and we are excited to see our community be involved and represent our community in the voting process.  Thomas Jefferson wrote, “We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.” Ms. Kelsey Lavelle, helped organize our students to be participants and make a difference.  Thank you Ms. Lavelle!