Fort Simcoe (Parks.WA.Gov)

The Social Studies Adoption Committee met tonight, 9/21/22, to review district social studies progressions and possible curricula choices. 

The proposed high school progression is as follows:

Grade Level

Course & Credit

What’s covered… 


WA State History (0.5 credit)

Native American tribes before contact to as far as we can get.


World History (0.5 credit) OR

Tribal History (0.5 credit) OR

Latin History (0.5 credit)

World - 1400s (Renaissance) to 1900s (WWII)

Tribal - uses Since Time Immemorial resources


US History A (0.5 credit)

US History B (0.5 credit)

A- Native American history before contact with Europeans to Civil War

B- Civil War to Cold War


Civics (0.5 credit)

Contemporary World Problems (0.5 credit)

Civics - Founding Documents (Declaration of Independence; Articles of Confederation; Constitution; Branches of Govt.; Checks and Balances; Heavy focus on the Bill of Rights; Elections/voting. Summative CBA on “Constitutional Issues” or “Checks and Balances”

CWP - Role of governments in international issues; NGOs; the role of UN; International Relations; Diplomacy; Integration of Since Time Immemorial curriculum; appellate court system. Summative - potentially a senior project?? 

Total Required

3 credits 

(6 semester long classes)

The committee is beginning to identify social studies curricula options and determining curricula to review.  If you are interested in being part of this process, please contact Dana Jarnecke at