Parenting with Tradition

Please mark your calendars for the "Parenting with Tradition" classes.  

Beginning on Wednesday, September 21st, and running through Wednesday, November 16th, Jeremy Garcia, Jacquelinn Mullen, and Jazmaine Wong will be facilitating weekly Parenting with Tradition discussion groups in the White Swan High School conference rooms. The classes will run from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. 

Participation is free, and dinner and childcare are provided.

About Parenting with Tradition

The Parenting with Tradition curriculum draws on the strengths of traditional Indian parenting practices using storytelling, cradleboard, harmony, lessons of nature, behavior management, and the use of praise. It also addresses the historic impact of boarding schools, intergenerational trauma and grief, and forced assimilation of parenting; it empowers Indian families to reclaim their right to their heritage to be positive parents.

During the classes, parents and guardians will

  • explore traditional approaches to parenting,
  • gain a deeper understanding of the values and attitudes expressed in traditional child-rearing practices, and
  • learn how to apply traditional child-rearing practices to modern parenting.

Parenting with Tradition is open to ALL parents or guardians.

See attached flyer for dates.

To register, click here: Parenting with Tradition Classes Registration