Friday Update

Year-end Events - Traditionally, when the academic year closes, the Mt. Adams School District provides a variety of activities and events to support students with their end-of-school-year transitions. We acknowledge that these closure activities are important for our students. These events help to securely conclude relationships and routines and build the social-emotional skills needed for accepting change, managing complex feelings and planning for the future. Activities such as classroom parties and award ceremonies provide students the opportunity to reflect on the past year, say goodbye to friends, teachers and staff, and close the chapter on the current school year as part of transitioning to next year. In the new school, Harrah Elementary will adjust some of the transitional activities to create more of a through-line culture. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through some of these changes – some are temporary due to post-pandemic adjustments while others are permanent based on the needs of students and the professional guidance of our leadership teams. 

Hiring Update - Many of you have asked about our job openings and if we've filled them. We are eager to notify the campuses of our new additions. We will officially announce our new hires following the Board's approval on Monday, May 16th.  What we are able to divulge is that the district has provided Letters of Intent for the following positions:

  • 8th Grade ELA/SS

  • PE Health (1)

  • Kindergarten

  • 4th grade

  • 6th grade

  • Asst. Principal/AD

  • Band/Music (verbal acceptance)

  • PE/Health (verbal acceptance)

We are still looking to fill:

  • ELD Specialist

  • 6-8 Resource

  • Nurse

  • Since Time Immemorial specialist/elective

  • Additional CNAs/EAs

Room Numbers! Middle school teachers and students now have official room assignments. Welcome Mt. Adams Middle School Teachers and Staff to the New Harrah Campus and your new home!

Here are the assignments:

Brandon Smith: 605

Melissa Besemann: 607

Aric Barrett: 603

Amy Turcott: 612

Guy Galland: 608

Cresanna Zintzun:610

 White Swan Campus update:  Throughout this week we have continued to deal with safety issues on the White Swan campus. We have worked very closely with law enforcement and asked for guidance throughout this process. A huge thank you goes out to Tribal Law Enforcement who have provided coverage throughout the school day and after school activities. When we need to call them they are in the building in less than five minutes. We also appreciate the quick response we have received from the Sheriff's department when they were called. 

This Saturday on May 14th, 2022  Prom will be held at the Harrah Campus Cafetorium. 

There will be the following safety measures in place: 

  • Students and staff will only enter through the front door and all other doors will be locked

  • All guest will go through the metal detector wand 

  • Purses and bags will be searched 

  • Staff have a defined safety plan to follow for any emergencies

  • If students leave the building and go outside they will not be allowed to enter again

  • Students are required to follow all directions of the staff and all safety requirements. If they do not comply they will be asked to leave the dance and not return.