Friday Update

Picture Day Schedule - Harrah Elementary will have Picture Day on Monday, April 18, 2022. These will be individual pictures only.  Student photos will be taken in Room S-603 & 605 (7th/8th Grade wing).   Pictures are schedule throughout the day for different grade levels.

 21-22 Pow Wow - After much consideration, the decision has been made to rethink how we do the Pow Wow in the coming years.  Ultimately, we're exploring how we can re-brand the Pow Wow as one piece of a much larger cultural celebration. This may look like a Cultural Fair or Cultural night where we celebrate all of our cultural uniqueness.

 COVID-19 Vaccine will NOT be required for Students Next Fall - On Wednesday, the State Board of Health (SBOH), voted to not require Washington’s students be vaccinated against COVID-19 for school attendance. This means that in fall 2022, immunization requirements for our students will remain unchanged. SBOH supports the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine and notes that vaccination is the best way to protect oneself and those around you, especially against severe illness.  We are anticipating the current health and safety guidance from the state Department of Health will remain in place next fall, which includes regular cleaning and disinfecting, encouraging masks, sharing reminders of proper hand hygiene, and physical distancing to the extent possible while ensuring a full-time in-person opportunity for all students.

The Mt. Adams School District is dedicated to providing high levels of learning for every student, every day!  HB 1153 recently passed during the 2022 session, affirms the work of our District and our commitment to ensure meaningful communication with students, students’ parents, aunties, uncles, and grandparents in a language that they can understand.  Four principles guide our culturally responsive work with parents and families:  accessibility and equity; accountability and transparency; responsive culture; and focus on relationships.

The Mt. Adams Website can be accessed at, and all the information on the site can be translated in to hundreds of languages with a click of a tab.  The website also meets all ADA opportunities for all individuals.  In addition to our website, in order to maximize communication and focus on relationships, our Mt. Adams digital phone app, “Mount Adams Schools 209,” is everything Mt. Adams… in your pocket!