Friday Update

Athletic Director Mr. Muller, is looking out for the best interest of our sports teams.  He is thinking ahead and has placed on order for 2,000 Rapid COVID-19 Test Kits to get us through the rest of all the indoor sports both Middle and High School. These tests are made available through our partnership with ESD 105.  Before winter break, the District ordered 1,000 tests and those are now in use as we test all athletes three times per week as well as any student or staff member who may have been exposed to the virus in order for them to “test-to-stay” in school.

Inclement weather caused the Game with Tribal to be rescheduled to January 19, as well as postponement of other athletic events in the district. 

Please check the Mt. Adams School District App to find the new dates and times for rescheduled games and athletic competitions.

COVID testing requirements for sports has been changed by the WIAA and enforced by the Yakima County Health District. We now test all athletes, coaches, and volunteers regardless of vaccination status three times per week. This week we had four positive cases. One of the cases was an adult. Afterwards we notified the health department with the positive cases, which led the Yakima County Health District’s decision to shut down the White Swan High School wrestling program until January 18th. 

The Mt. Adams School District conducts contact tracing in the classrooms and lunch room using seating charts and with our new program options we can "test to stay". If a student or staff member has a close contact and parents give the school permission, district staff will test as quickly as possible.  If the student tests negative and they have no symptoms they are able to stay in school. 

The whole District has had a bumpy week due to COVID and inclement weather.  At the White Swan Campus, students and staff were able to adjust.  At the new Harrah campus, Mr. McCracken and the team were figuring out ingress and egress as well as lost students and confused parents in the parking lot.  Overall, Mr. McCracken reports a positive week.  Student drop off went well but the picking up was a little bumpy the first day and was corrected to take less than 20 minutes the second day.  Thank you parents for your patience and cooperation. 

The White Swan, Mt. Adams, and Harrah band students did a fantastic job at the holiday concert in the new Harrah Elementary building on December 16th. Mr. Jones and all of the student musicians deserve an additional round of applause and encouragement to keep up the great job!