Parent_Student Feedback

Mt. Adams School District is pleased to announce a new tool, Satchel Pulse, that will help us monitor and improve school culture and climate

Student and parent surveys are available for your input.  Student surveys will be sent out through student school email addresses for 3rd through 12th graders.  Students will sign in using their Google account from a Satchel Pulse log in page.  Parents will be invited through a robocall and/or flyer to access a link to set up an account  to take  the survey per building.

The surveys will ask students and parents to answer some simple questions about their experiences in the school community.  The answers will help us understand how to best support a stronger school climate and culture.

Your feedback regarding our buildings' culture and climate is important to us.  Our goal is to improve our students' experience at school.

If you have questions regarding the student and/or parent survey, please contact Dana Jarnecke at