Friday Update

The Highlight of the week – This is clearly the highlight of my week and I hope we all remember this picture for the rest of our lives.

Mission Accomplished… for all of the students of the Mt. Adams School District!

Students Visit New Harrah Campus – Buses loaded with students visited their new school on Tuesday, December 14th.  The tours lasted from 8:45-1:50. The ASB leader, DeeDee Gasseling hosted the tours and Mrs. Widener was on campus to make sure that everything ran as planned.  Mr. McCracken arranged to have a fire watcher on campus during that time. It appears that students’ excitement about their new school helped bring about 2,000 people to the open house on Thursday night. 

The Mt. Adams Music Program was a Success!  It may have been the largest audience ever at a MASD Band Concert.  The new cafetorium was packed with families from across the district.  Mr. Jones made MASD proud as his students provided education, entertainment, and Holiday Spirit!

 Thank you Mr. Jones and all of our musicians.

Transitional Kinder Grant – Mt. Adams has received the Transitional Kindergarten grant from OSPI.  The ESD 105 lead is waiting to hear from OSPI regarding next steps. The grant is to enable MASD to plan the opening of the first Transitional Kindergarten class in Winter of 2023.  This is great news for MASD as that will give students access to an additional 5 months of Kindergarten with this head start opportunity.  Different than the traditional pre-school at Harrah, which is not funded by the state, we will be funded for these students for the five additional months that they will be in school. 

Sahaptin Language Classroom - The third grade team of teachers and students participated in a Zoom session last Friday, December 10th, with the Sahaptin language classroom from the University of Oregon. They listened to a legend told in the native language and then told again in English. The students were able to ask the college students questions and they even sang Happy Birthday to Mrs. Beavert who turns 100! 

Speed Control on Branch Road - The City of Harrah has been working on the installation of the beacons on Branch Road.  Mr. Jon Scott has been working with Harrah town personnel to complete this project to help keep students safe.  Jon said the concrete should be poured and beacons in place by next week.  He says the signs will be up and protecting students, definitely by the start of school!  

Sports and Eligibility is Improving!  The Eligibility Report from Mrs. Tenney gives the Board an idea of how many students are participating in each sport and what percent of students are eligible.

She also provided information about scores, and other updates of interest:


100% Eligible 

13 girls





Wrestlers 91% Eligible through 2 weeks

14 boys 3 girls


 Girls Basketball

87.5% Eligible through 2 weeks

24 girls


Boys Basketball

96.3% Eligible through 2 weeks

27 Boys

Score Report

Boys 4-2

Girls 4-2

Wrestling - Fabien Garduno Won third place finish in tourney!

Other Updates:

Boys Basketball Holding a Youth Camp During Christmas break 27th-31st

5 injuries to date (2 girls basketball, 3 boys basketball)

Middle School Leaders Promote the “I” in Kindness - In the Middle School Leadership class, students have been participating in a study on kindness. Students made kindness posters that were posted in the Middle School hallways. They also encouraged all Middle School students to write letters of appreciation to staff members and to at least one family member. The class watched the “Grinch” movie and made a “Grinch” Christmas ornament filled with notes about kindness to help them remember to be the “I” in KINDNESS. 

Holiday Spirit Week at the White Swan Campus - The Cougar Spirit class sponsored a Holiday spirit week with daily activities. The Spirit Class served hot cocoa to fellow students, held a graham cracker house making contest, and promoted the ugly Christmas sweater contest. On Friday they led an assembly with contests and Holiday Fun for All!