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The Mount Adams School District is going through the process of adopting District math curriculum.  It has established a District Math Adoption Committee who have met monthly. The Committee is currently reviewing materials using a rubric created to find curricula that lead to high levels of learning for all students and with our students learning styles in mind.  Our notes are available:

Our current math curricula were adopted several years ago and now current options are available to better meet the needs of our students through engagement, technological adaptability, and K-12 district alignment.  

In January, teachers will be trying out one of the new math curriculums - Illustrative Math.  For more information on this curriculum, go to https://illustrativemathematic...

Our students and families deserve an engaging curriculum that encompasses the following:  alignment to WA State Learning Standards, support for second language acquisition, use of best practices and effective routines, and support for Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Additionally, the curriculum should provide for ongoing embedded professional development for staff. For these reasons, we recommend adopting a new curriculum. 

 Please fill out this form ( to provide us with feedback regarding this process or to indicate your interest in reviewing our selected materials.

If you have any questions, please email Dana Jarnecke at