Friday Update

Frank Waln was a hit on the White Swan Campus.  Frank Waln is a Rapper who has a net worth of over $1 billion and he was in White Swan. Frank Waln was born on August 2, 1989.  Award-winning Native American hip hop artist known for the songs "AbOriginal" and "Born on the Rez." His music focuses on the Native American experience in the US. He collaborates with the group Nake Nula Waun.  One of the songs performed in the White Swan Gym was a tribute to his mother who raised him as a single parent.  Students and staff were impressed by his story, his music, and his success on the charts – here is a link to the song about his mother - 

Mr. Triston Ryan was sworn in as the second student member of the MASD Board of Directors.  He has joined Briley Bock in this important role.  Tristen is a junior and Briley is a senior, both are excellent students at White Swan High School.  The Board’s intent is to have a new Junior student each year who will rotate up as the Senior member on the Board the next year and have a year experience in the role. If a sophomore student is interested in serving in this role next year, they are encouraged to contact Principal Tenney. 


Larry Garcia and Dr. Guaglianone attend WSSDA Conference  in Bellevue. Board Member Lacey Simon and and student representative Briley Bock are in the District attending the conference via virtual participation.  Thursday afternoon, Mr. Garcia and I attended the Open Public Meeting session.  Open Public Meetings have many laws that must be followed, and additional training on these methodologies is important for all of us to understand.  Either Larry or I will give an update at the next Board meeting. 

Speaking of the next board meeting – Remember, the next Mt. Adams School District Board of Directors’ monthly meeting will be held at the new Harrah School Campus in the Library on Monday, December 20, 2021.  This will be the Monday following the Open House that will be held on December 16th.  Please keep these dates on your calendar!

Today is the day!  Teachers are all boxed up and leaving their boxed belongings labeled and ready for transport to the new school.  Joe Garza and Mr. McCracken have forklift, pallet dollies, apple boxes, pallets, and multiple trailers ready to go.  The crew is all lined up and the boxes will be moved next Monday and Tuesday.  Boxes will be stacked in individual teachers’ classrooms in the middle of the room, staying away from walls and windows until the punch list is complete.  Starting December 1st, teachers will be in the new school on Wednesday afternoons getting their classrooms ready for January 3, 2022 when students arrive on campus.