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White Swan Campus Homecoming: ASB students have been busy planning for a series of weeklong homecoming activities. 

  • Monday Oct. 4 will be Millionaire Day followed by Vintage Day. 
  • Tuesday Oct. 5 will be a volleyball home game.

Each day will have a theme followed by the home Football game on Friday and an outside masked dance on Saturday evening. Instead of the traditional class float competition our

students are planning a spirit video competition. The ASB leadership team has done a great job of developing a week full of fun activities.  We should be proud of our ASB leaders who have agreed to self-regulate at the dance and to monitor student behavior to ensure that all present are following the rules for safe distancing and face mask adherence.  

Fall State Testing: The week of Oct. 4- Oct 8 will be a very busy week at both campuses. We will be starting the fall state testing. Mr. Thurman reports that all systems are ready to go in order to have an effective testing process.  During that week the White Swan Campus will have a modified schedule in order to accommodate testing. Although having an extra state test in the year is something that the students do not look  forward to, it will give us the ability to track improvement data between the beginning of the school year and the end of the year.  I hope parents encourage students to do their very best on these assessments.

The New Building – Things are moving along rapidly as we plan for final touches on the new school.   The asphalt roads around the campus were being installed this week. Carpets are in and the floors are being polished to prepare for occupancy.  Classrooms and bathrooms are being cleaned and ready to go.  Mr. McCracken is working with his team and Mr. Joe Garza in order to prepare for the BIG MOVE!  It is almost time!  Please place a hold on your calendars for December 16th as that is the day for our ground breaking, open house, and first band concern in the new school.  

Highly Capable Update - Mr. Thurman reports that two positions have been posted for our Highly Capable program, one at the Elementary and one at the Secondary. We hope to have this program up and running soon in order to challenge these students and provide additional and enhanced opportunities for learning.  

Important note to Parents:  There is a TikTok Trend taking place in schools across the country that encourages students to steal school items and supplies. While the original video has been removed from the platform, its impacts are being felt at White Swan High School and Mt. Adams Middle Schoo, which have recently been hit with theft and vandalism. School leaders are having to pivot from teaching and learning and COVID-19 mitigation to investigate the damage caused by this trend.

This behavior is illegal and will not be tolerated. School leaders are reviewing surveillance footage and social media videos to identify the students involved. Law enforcement will be notified when applicable, and school disciplinary actions will be given to the maximum allowable level.

To mitigate further incidents, student bathroom passes during class time will be even more closely monitored over the next few weeks to determine who is out of class and when. 

We urge families to talk with their students and to emphasize the seriousness of this situation, and the damage it is causing to school property. It also has significant impacts on learning in schools when resources are diverted to address this issue. While we realize that only a small number of students are involved, it takes our entire school community to put a stop to this inappropriate behavior.