New Cougar Statue

After some waiting the day finally arrived. The day the long awaited Cougar Statue would be placed on campus. The Class of 2020 was not expecting to have their school year cut short, no in person graduation and no senior trip. The hopes they had for the senior year were lost. They could have faltered and become more upset but they didn't. They pushed through persevered and took control of what they could. Leaving their mark was always something they wanted to do and now they had the opportunity to do it. So they decided on donating a Cougar Statue. The process took longer than expected. We hit some bumps in the road but we made it happen. The students wanted to not only leave a mark but bring pride to the school. They remembered visiting other schools that had statues or figures of their mascots. Why couldn't we have a cougar too? Now we do!!! Thank you to the Class of 2020 and Midstate Monument for providing the school with this statue. A statue that demonstrates and is a reminder of all the hard work of not just the Class of 2020 but of all the students, teachers and staff during the 19-20 school year.