Friday Update from Dr. Guaglianone

Educational Support Professionals Week – A special thanks to all of our Mt. Adams Classified team.  We couldn’t run the district without you!  You are the smiles, support, encouragement, skill, and excellence that directly help our students be successful.  As you have heard, Mt. Adams School District provides high levels of learning every day, and you bring life to many aspects of our students’ learning, so Thank You For Your Service!

Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support at the Harrah Campus - During the Harrah PBIS Tier I meeting, the team looked at PBIS Rewards data regarding how many points are being given to students to reinforce our expectations. Those points can then be exchanged for incentives such as activities with the staff, PBIS Store, or raffles! The Middle School is starting to really get going on the incentives for the students and thinking outside of the box! 

Cross-age Peer Tutors and Supports at Harrah – Principal Widener reports that both older and younger students are building positive relationships with each other and with staff in the building. The students are reaching out for assistance regarding situations they may need help with or to provide feedback regarding incentives they would like to see. The students are also reporting when they “see” issues that other students are not being safe, kind, responsible, or respectful! The fact that the new Harrah Campus is PreK through 8th grade has been an excellent vehicle to help students care for one another.

Strengthening Families Program at Harrah – The “Strengthening Families” program started this week and will continue through April 25th. Childcare is provided, so we are encouraging families to attend! It is a great program and opportunity to learn skills and build relationships to strengthen families, learn new parenting skills, and create a vision for the success of your children that will put you on a strong course for success.  All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

Mount Adams Middle School Sports - This week in Mount Adams Middle School Sports: The grass and grounds are being cleared to make way for our baseball and softball teams. Next week our young athletes will be heading out for the start of Spring Sports.  This year, these two ball clubs will be practicing on the Harrah Town track near the old elementary campus.  Next year, we will be on our very own new baseball and softball field on the southeast corner of the new campus; construction of the new playfields will begin soon.  Go Chargers!

Harrah Campus Teacher Leaders learn more about literacy - Mrs. Widener and a team of six Instructional Leadership Team members are attending the Plain Talk on Literacy Conference this week. So far the team has participated in an inspiring keynote address by Hamish Brewer who is the principal of a Middle School on the East Coast who's faced many of the same challenges we experience with teaching literacy. During our debrief on the first day, the team expressed excitement feeling that the work at Harrah is the right work and were encouraged by what we are learning.

World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) – Harrah Campus teachers have been administering the WIDA test to English Learner students, and we have over 240 students completed.  The new English Language Development (ELD) standards are part of a national movement that provides world-class research-based instruction to students.  Having tested over 240 students is excellent progress.  Thank you and way to go Harrah team!

White Swan Campus is getting ready to welcome the class of 2027 – Mrs. Tenney reports that the White Swan campus is busy planning fun activities for an 8th grade transition day with our incoming Freshman! The whole WSHS campus will be involved in welcoming next year’s freshman with a fair. The CTE fair will include games and fun activities as well as information about being a successful high school student. Stay tuned!

Inclusion is in full swing at White Swan High School - A shout out to the White Swan inclusionary team- Lara Schab, Mari Sauceda, David Olden, Marisa Owen and Greg VanDoren! This wonderful teacher leader team has been preparing and presenting professional development to the White Swan High School staff. The training has focused on using instructional strategies that allow all students to access high levels of instruction and learning in all classrooms.

The White Swan Freshman are making amazing progress - Congratulations to our Freshman students for passing their classes and starting their journey to graduation! White Swan High School data shows that there are 61 Freshman, which is 75% of students that have passed ALL of their classes in the first semester. Nearly 20% more have passed at least 6 out of 7 classes. White Swan teachers are very proud of the 75% that passed all their classes and they are planning to begin offering opportunities for credit retrieval so that all Freshmen will be on track for graduation by the end of this academic school year. The Freshman success team has been a large part of the student’s success. Thank you teachers and staff for caring so much to help all students reach his or her potential.

March Madness at White Swan High School - Next week is MARCH MADNESS SPIRIT WEEK: The theme this year is “Wild West in White Swan.” – Please take a look at the activities below: