Friday Update

Have you noticed the new sign standing tall over the White Swan Parking Lot and on the press box?  Principal Tenney has been working with the Climate and Culture grant to pay for two new signs. Tenney reports, “We had to have the signs over the weight room and the back of the football tower removed because they were so badly damaged.”  “We are so excited to have new and clear signs to show who we are as the Mighty Cougars who are ‘Respectful, Responsible, and Safe’.”  Well, you haven’t missed anything if you have not noticed them.  Below are two mockups of what will be on the press box and on the weight room very soon.  Principal Tenney’s and Mr. Muller’s goal is to have them up as soon as possible and at least before graduation. 



Air Quality monitoring in White Swan and Harrah.   Technology Director Mr. Jon Scott in collaboration with the Yakama Nation is working with the United State Government, Environmental Protection Agency to have four sensors installed.  There will be an indoor and outdoor unit for each campus.  These sensors will be on "loan" for two years, in order to ensure that we always have the newest technology.  Mr. Scott states, “Basically, they will ship us a new device every two years, and we will return the old one to be refurbished.”  The sensors will report directly to the national Smoke and Fire map (, where anyone can zoom in to our location to see the current air quality.  We will also have access to an Air Sensor Toolbox for more in-depth data.  The EPA also has some lesson plans created for grades 6-12 to interact with these sensors.  This is an excellent learning opportunity for our students!  Thank you Mr. Scott for your work on this!

Health and Wellness on Campus.  As you may be aware, many students and staff have been ill and missing school the past week.  Thank you for keeping students home if they are running a fever or if they have other symptoms that may be contagious.  We do want children to be in school, yet in this flu and post-COVID season, it is better to err on the side of caution in an effort to keep everyone safe.  Thank you for your attention to this and cooperation.

Wrestling – Four of our wrestlers made it to State in Tacoma. Yay!   They traveled this week on Thursday morning, 2/16/23 and will return on Saturday night.