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October 9, 2020
Mr. Denny Brown, our MASD Teacher Mentor writes about visiting with Shawn Duncanson (HS CTE teacher) this week when he saw a project that Mr. Duncanson was working on with his students. First, he had his students come up with an idea for something to build at home with the tools they have available. Then, they were to design and draw their project with the proper dimensions that had to be approved by Mr. Duncanson. Next, Mr. Duncanson and the students determined and then assembled the materials that would be needed. This included Mr. Duncanson ripping 2x4's to 2x2's since most people don't have table saws.  Finally, Mr. Duncanson will be delivering the materials to the students’ homes. Above is a picture of the materials for the students who are ready to build.  In addition, Mr. Brown notes, that our Art, Music, and PE teachers are ALL finding ways to keep our students engaged!!!
Did someone say Computer Science?  Mrs. Jarnecke wrote, “We got it!” - $38,000 for implementation of a computer science program for K-6th grade students.  The proposed plan:  The plan she wrote proposed a project to develop and implement a strong computer science program for elementary school students which will include determining a curriculum, learning and planning with computer science and educational technology standards to develop a solid scope/sequence, purchasing equipment and materials for student use and engaging all students in computer science related high levels of learning experiences.  Ms. Dallas Wilson, Harrah’s new computer science specialist, will also collaborate with classroom teachers to integrate computer science concepts and ideas in teaching math and science to students in grades K-6, and teach students 21st century skills that will give them the foundation necessary for their academic and professional future.  The grant will conclude June 30, 2021.
Yesenia Garcia, one of White Swan’s stellar students was selected to take part on a panel to discuss youth experiencing homelessness. Here is the link. 
The new MASD Attendance Clerk, Alisha Stickel, has updated the attendance columns to allow the District to better track student attendance and participation. Below you will see a snapshot of what all Elementary/Middle/High School will see for attendance columns and the definition of each column. These columns are so we are able to track how the students are attending classes. 
Present= Student is in class and on time - **physically**
Participation= Daily evidence of participation on a task or assignment
Interaction= student has interacted with the teacher (email, phone, etc.)
Logging In= student logged into a LMS (Zoom/Google Classroom/I-Ready)
We can now partner with AT&T.  The AT&T tower went live in White Swan this week and the demo phone that they sent Mr. Scott works great!  They also have a tower in Brownstown, and he plans to check the coverage at the Elementary School.  AT&T has some very competitive cellular pricing for schools, which we plan to look into with Mr. Scott’s leadership.  A big shout out to Jon for his work in getting this set up for our community.