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January 22, 2021
The EWAC Athletic Conference has agreed on a calendar of seasons for sports beginning on February 15, 2021.  The season order and important dates will be as follows:
Fall sports: February 15 start date for all practice, contests beginning the week of February 22 and EWAC culminating events taking place the week of March 22 (Football – March 30).  If, on March 5 it is determined that culminating events will be unable to take place due to regional phase, sports will be allowed to continue holding practices and or regular season contests if regional phase allows.  
Spring sports: March 29 start date for all practice, contests beginning the week of April 5 and EWAC culminating events taking place the week of May 3.  
Winter sports: Tentative May 10 start date for all practice, contests beginning the week of May 17 and EWAC culminating events taking place the week of June 19. Winter sports calendars will be finalized by April 5 and re-evaluated on April 23 based on metric trend and regional phase.  If it is determined Winter sports contests will not be played, Spring sports may be extended to May 23.  Winter sports may continue to practice based on current regional phase guidelines. 
Gear-Up-Virtual Tutoring has nine students signed up for services. Two of the students are participating via Zoom tutoring.  Stacy DeLeon, who provides the tutoring, had three in person and one in Zoom.  Noemi Barbosa, the Gear-Up Coordinator is working on advertising to students and guardians in order to garner more interest for this much needed service for students.  Please call the High School Office (509-874-8626) or email Noemi ( to sign up for tutoring!

English Learner Student Support for Free!  Did you know that 53% of our students in the District are identified as English Language learners? We have several processes in place at all buildings to ensure support for these students.  If you would like more information on this or assistance with supporting these learners, please contact Gerry Muller at
The WIAA Executive Board voted on Tuesday to approve the schedules for WIAA Seasons 2 and 3, setting dates for traditional winter and spring sports.

Traditional spring sports will be held in WIAA Season 2 which will begin with pre-contest practices on March 15 and end on May 1.  Traditional winter sports will be moved to WIAA Season 3 which will begin on April 26 and end on June 12. The decision comes after the Executive Board voted at its January 6 meeting to begin traditional fall sports on February 1.
While the Executive Board has outlined the framework for a uniform season schedule, it has granted each WIAA league or district around the state the ability to reschedule seasons to best fit their local communities.

“Based on the risk levels assigned to traditional winter activities compared to traditional spring activities, the Executive Board made the decision that those spring activities will have the opportunity to play much earlier than winter activities,” said WIAA Executive Director Mick Hoffman.  “The Board will continue to monitor the status of activities over the coming months to ensure that those traditional spring sports receive a chance to participate.”
A full season calendar, as well as a summary of current guidelines issued by the Washington Department of Health, can be found on the WIAA’s COVID-19 Page at