MASD Web News

April 16, 2021
Yakima County Health District visited White Swan High School and Mt. Adams Middle School to inspect the campus for safety. The results of the findings are listed below:
Specific Guidance
• Enforce social distancing during class (including P.E.)
• Minimize the amount of time students spend out of their seats
• Avoid activities that do not allow for social distancing (example: weightlifting with spotters and group activities).
• If group activities are unavoidable, social distance as much as possible and keep
interactions under 15 minutes.
• Remove extra chairs from the staff lounge to encourage social distancing
• Add signage to the staff lounge regarding handwashing and disinfecting high-touch surfaces
Principal Smith has worked diligently to make a CTE pathway guide for the district.  This guide will be shared with students, staff, parents, and community members.  The guide will assist students in making decisions on which pathway they would like to follow to help students succeed in their pathway to graduation and a meaningful and successful life. 
Make-up assessments on the White Swan campus.  Gerry Muller, Andrew Espindola and the White Swan Campus support staff have worked very hard to get the ELPA completed in a timely manner this school year.  We had anticipated that the middle school students will be taking Smarter Balance Testing (Math & ELA) beginning on Monday, April 19 – Friday, April 23.  High school students were to have taken the Smarter Balanced Test the following week.  Now, OSPI has cancelled the Smarter Balanced assessment until Fall of 2021.  No testing this year!
Beginning April 12, the Mount Adams School District commenced serving breakfast at school.  The District stopped sending breakfast home with the student the previous day.  Now every student who wishes to receive a breakfast has one available K through 12th grade.  Elementary students eat the breakfast that is delivered to them in class.  The middle and high school students have a grab and go breakfast as they enter the campus and then take the meal to class for consumption.
Donated Supplies.  Mr. Hernandez and Mrs. Gasseling, at Harrah Elementary, paid a visit to World Vision. World Vision is a donation center where the District can pick up supplies for needy families. Donations come from places like Costco. This resource has been valuable in our district conversations between our community liaisons, as it provides supplies that are much needed by our students and families.  If families need personal supplies, they are welcome to speak with Mr. Hernandez about their need to see if this program can provide them assistance.