Enrolling Your Student

Welcome to the Mt. Adams School District!

Registering your child is often the first step in a successful academic experience. It involves some time and paperwork. We want to help make the process go smoothly so please bring all the needed documents listed below with you at the time of registration which will help expedite the enrollment process. The Mt. Adams School District has a common registration process for all students in the district. This process is conducted for elementary students (K-6) at the Harrah Elementary school building office in Harrah from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. and the Mt. Adams Middle School/White Swan High School Student Support Services office in White Swan from 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. All students in the district in grades kindergarten through twelfth grade will need to complete the registration process before beginning school.


Please contact the Harrah Elementary School office at (509) 848-5702 and/or the Mt. Adams Middle School/White Swan High School Student Support Services office at (509) 874-8600 for additional information or for assistance.


Documents Required for Student(s) at Time of Registration

  •   Age/Legal Name Verification
    • The Mt. Adams School District will accept any one of a variety of documents for purposes of verifying a student's age or legal name, including, but not limited to:  birth certificates, passports, entries in a family bible, adoption records, affidavits from a parent, previously verified school records, or any other documents permitted by law.


If legal guardian is someone other than the parent(s) listed on the documentation, legal guardianship papers must be presented at time of registration.


  • Immunization Records - Students must have all required immunizations, care plans and medication orders to be in attendance at school.
  •  Custody Papers if Parents are Divorce - If parents are divorced, legal documents showing custody order,

      custodial agreement, legal guardianship and/or restraining orders must accompany registration paperwork.

  •  Grade Report or Transcript from Previous School  –  (Grades 7-12) - This documentation is required for proper

       course placement and scheduling.

  •  Attendance and Discipline Reports from Previous School – (Grades 7-12) - These documents are required

  for truancy, suspension and expulsion documentation.


**If your student has been previously enrolled in the Mt. Adams School District or if your address has changed, we ask that you fill out an enrollment update form.


The district also requires Proof of Residency (one per household) in the Mt. Adams School District when enrolling your student.   Please provide a copy of one of the items listed below:

All documents listed below must have the student’s legal parent or guardian’s name and Mt. Adams School District registration address on the document.

  • a current utility bill (Gas, Electric, Waste, Cable), in the name of person who the house is owned or rented by or
  •  a notarized Letter from the family you are living with at designated address stating that you are living at that address along with current utility bill in their name.
  • If none of the documents above can be provided, a home visit will be scheduled to confirm the student’s residence.
  • If documentation is not received or confirmed by the end of two weeks, the student may be dropped from enrollment until proof is received.