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District Language Acquisition

 District Language Focuses  

The Mt. Adams School District is interested in helping your student build their academic language to better prepare them for getting to graduation and being career and college ready.

*Teachers are focusing on making learning targets known daily for each lesson and including a language focus using the English Language Proficiency Standards

Today I will  (TASK)Why Should Students Read?

So I can  (STANDARD)

 I know I’ve got it when (EVIDENCE)

Today the language focus is (ELPS)

Background:  State Superintendent Randy Dorn adopted the English Language Proficiency Standards which correspond to the WA State Learning Standards in 2013 and it is an expectation that these standards be implemented in all districts in 2015.

English Language Proficiency Standards are online 

*Teachers are using student to student talk strategies during class to promote student talk about the content with their peers.
 *Vocabulary strategies are being incorporated in lessons to develop awareness of definitions and use of content area words that help aid in comprehension.

*Students are using language sentence frames to guide their talk with peers about their learning.

*Teachers are using No Opt Out strategies to ensure all students are responsible and cannot opt out of their learning.

 Examples of Strategies Used In Classrooms. 
Teacher Resources:
English Language Proficiency Standards
Language Strategies Used In Classrooms